posted by Ron on Apr 1

Scouting for spring gobblers will increase the hunter’s chance for success to harvest one of these beautiful birds. Start scouting a week or two before season. Early morning is the best time to scout. Listen for turkeys to gobbler right at daylight. Before season, gobblers may only gobble a couple of times on the roost before flying down, especially if the temperatures are below 35 degrees F.

Generally, if you can locate a gobbler during this time of year, you can pretty much count on that bird to stay in the vicinity for the duration of the season if not disturbed too much. This puts the hunter at a huge advantage, because locating the birds is half the battle.

The best places to listen for gobblers is in areas of mature timber, especially oak stands that are located near a stream, wet weather springs, or other water source. These are the areas where the hens will nest. Turkeys require a water source near their nesting sites so as to facilitate turning the eggs in the nest during the incubation period.

Many times, when scouting for spring gobblers, the hunter can entice a gobbler to gobble by making a sharp startling sound, such as an owl hoot, crow call or even slamming a car door. Locating gobblers before season in this way will definitely increase the hunter’s odds for success when opening day arrives.

Another great scouting technique is to drive country roads on warm spring afternoons. Gobblers and turkeys in general will take to open fields during this time of day and will allow you to uncover areas of good turkey habitat. Follow that up with talking to local folks about getting permission to hunt near these fields.