posted by Ron on Mar 20

A simple shed trap for collecting deer sheds can be built using a few bungy cords and a little ingenuity. The best time to place shed traps is in mid to late February prior to when  bucks start losing their antlers.

Look for areas where deer frequent this time of year, preferably between bedding and feeding areas. Look for a blowdown or pile of large limbs to begin building your trap. Stretch the bungy cords from limb to limb, so as to make the buck enter his head between the cords to get to the bait. I like to use shelled corn for bait.

The buck’s antlers will get entangled in the bungy cords causing the antlers to fall off. However, the cords don’t provide enough resistance to cause damage to the deer or frighten him away. Try it…it’s worked for me.

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